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14k White Gold Bracelets For Women

Gorgeous illustrious piece of white gold bracelet. Every woman should own a white gold bracelet of this caliber and such magnificent detail. This white gold bracelet is textured very well and has a very creative and interlocking Byzantine design with a lobster claw clasp. It's imported and an extremely beautiful and elegant bracelet. You can't get any more high fashion than this! This white gold bracelet weighs 9.2 grams and is about 8 millimeters wide. This bracelet is amazing. If that's not amazing enough for you, this white gold bracelet also comes in yellow gold.

14k Solid White Gold Figaro Link Bracelet 2.5mm 7

This remarkably beautiful bracelet is 14k and is solid gold. This Figaro link bracelet also comes with a matching necklace to really make you stand out pretty well. The enchanted white gold will jazz up any outfit and you make stand out very well in any crowd. The shiny white gold bracelet has an illuminated luster and sparkle. this particular piece is from Sonia Jewels and is 17 inches long with a weight of 2 grams. This white gold bracelet also has lobster claw clasps. You won't have trouble matching this fabulous piece of jewelry with any outfits and it's bound to add a touch of class to your most basic of outfits.

14K White Gold Oval Rolo Link Chain Bracelet - Width 3.2mm - Length 7 Inch

14 k white gold oval Rolo link chain bracelet is quite a catch. You couldn't ask for a better tennis bracelet. This white gold bracelet is 7 inches long and the total metal weight is 1.2600 grams. This tennis bracelet screams elegance and exquisite taste in what's in style. If you are looking to have all eyes on you at any event or just lounging around friends, then you will be wearing this bracelet that ideally will match with just about any uniform or outfit.

Fashionable White Gold Plated Silver Flower Bangle Bracelet

 This bracelet screams style. For about ten dollars, I know you are wondering why we have even did a topic on Splendosha about this piece, but if you look at it you will notice that even though it's cheap, it's also flawlessly elegant. Just a reminder that you don't have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy yourself a really nice piece of jewelry. You can't buy class and this is a white gold plated silver bracelet. but not at all bootlegged by any stretch of the imagination. If you are looking for the perfect gift to buy someone, then this silver bracelet is the perfect gift! It's about 2.6 inches in diameter and weighs .23 oz. You can see the flawless shine of the white gold bracelet that's plated with white gold.
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