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Jumpsuits For the Plus Size Women

Jumpsuits remind us of our childhood, because the clothing is made to fit, so you can move comfortably. The fabric is usually made of suitable and stretch compositions, like cotton and Lycra, Elasthane or mostly a combination of both.

Jumpsuits are playful and trendy yet elegant as well. A casual Jumpsuit will look sophisticated with the suited accessories. 
The fact that the fabric will flow subtly over the body that wears it, makes the Jumpsuit perfect for the Plus Size Women. The fabric will show more of their sexy curves than just being comfortable.

Jumpsuits are available in not just wide or tighter fit, but also in long and short model. This way we have Jumpsuits for everyone and every season.
In the cold season of the year or cold evening, sleeveless or short sleeves Jumpsuits still can be worn in combination of a bolero, vest or a blazer.

Fendi Multicolor Python Leather Pump & Bag

The Fendi's Multicolor Pump with high heels stilettos are colorful, playful and elegant at the same time. It has pointed toes and it is wrapped with fuchsia lizard printed leather.  
It's easy to combine and will flair all women. No matter the age or size.
The fuchsia colored high stiletto heels will make legs look longer and sexy.

The multiple colors featured on this python leather shoes, make it fun and easy to combine your outfit. This shoes can be worn in the summer as well as in the winter, because black is mixed with bright colors.

It makes it even more fun to combine when you have the matching bag. Women like to match their shoes with their bags to complete their outfit. I know I do!...

The Multicolor Python Leather Bag can be worn casually, but still will be elegant. The Fendi Mini Peekaboo Bag has 2 compartments and 2 inner pockets. 
The Fendi Bag has a magenta colored handle and a long adjustable shoulder strap. This way you can carry it with you or just use the strap for your convenience.

Fendi Multicolor Pump and Bag are fashionable and trendy items that will enriched every one's  outfit. 

Wellograph is the First Sapphire Crystal Wellness Watch

Wellograph is the First Sapphire Crystal Wellness Watch. The device is more than just a smartwatch.
Wellograph is a activity tracker, heart rate monitor and a runners watch for people who like to keep track of their  while they work out with the sense of fashion. It looks fancy and trendy comparing to other activity tracker or heart rate monitors.
You can switch the dial into a digital numbers or a with hands.
Activity trackers have become all the rage. The gadget-like devices are great for serving their purpose in the gym and at home. Carrying them around isn't . Wellograph is a fancy wellness watch you'll actually want to wear. You can wear it in all invironment.

There activity watches available like Apple watch, LG, Fitbit, Garmin, Pebble and Pyle among others looks more as a sport watch.

Wellograph is by all measures an activity tracker that’s designed to look like a smartwatch. But no camera and no smartphone notifications. It does, however, come with a 9-axis motion sensor and an LED-based heart-rate sensor to feed data to a bunch of health-tracking functions
I can stores your info up to 4 months.
The first 2 Wellograph are available in chrome and black with borwn letaher strap or a black nato strap. However now for 2015 they have increase the numbers of colors. There are light colors available now that will be more suitable for the summer to come and will match the summer outfits.

When it comes to activity and fitness trackers, there is increasingly a wide range of devices available to consumers these days. Whether it is a simple step counter or more advanced devices with heart rate monitors, the range of complexity and design is significant.
Wellograph Wellness Watch falls into the high-fashion but also functional category, as it features continuous heart rate tracking. Additionally, it has a Windows Phone app that favors comparably with iOS and Android, even including a few bonus features like a Live Tile.
Wellograph is the type of fitness tracker that you could wear with a tuxedo and not feel out of place. Think of the Wellograph as a combo fashion accessory and heart rate monitor. With its genuine leather band and domed sapphire crystal display, machined stainless steel upper case and anodized aluminum lower case, the Wellograph oozes with quality, elegant hardware.
The app displays a home screen with three big icons on it: Activity, Heart, and Sessions. Activity shows your current step and calorie count, as well as a daily, weekly and monthly total.
One feature that is pretty cool is the heart rate sensor - a sensor will be on the back of the Watch. All you need to do to measure heart rate is to push buttons until you get to the BPM screen. Initially, a heart shape pulsed along with my heart until it got an average reading, at which it stopped and displayed that reading.
The strap on the Wellograph is a standard leather strap that is quite comfortable. For those who are more active or wish to take the device swimming (it is waterproof!) there's a nylon Nato band. For charging, there's a magnetic dock that the watch rests on, displaying a "sideways clock" while the device is getting power.
The Wellograph Wellness Watch is on the thicker side of trackers, but with its curved back it fits snuggly against your wrist, melding into your frame. It is not unusually heavy, either as it feels like a standard high-end watch – not as heavy as metal, but not as light as a Timex either.
The Wellograph recharges through an included base station powered by USB. The watch has little magnets that let it clip to the charging base and the display lights up to let yo know that it is charging. With regular usage, five to seven days of battery life are not uncommon, which is superb for something with a heart rate sensor (although see below on how this battery life is achieved).
The clock faces range from digital to analog with numerous stylistic design as options. By simply scrolling through the selections, you can choose which style you want at that moment. The watch also stays on 24/7, with no button pressing needed to check the time. Tapping the bottom button sends you to various information screens, including Activity, Pulse, Session, and Settings.

While on each of these sub-sections pressing the top button cycles through various options, including:
  • Activity: steps/cardio, active/idle, hours calorie/today calorie, week calorie/daily average
  • Pulse: now/resting, average/range, fitness, readiness
  • Session: start/stop stopwatch
  • Settings: change device settings, clock face options, toggle Bluetooth, reset, power down, etc.


Wellograph fitness watch
  • Water Resistance: 5ATM water resistance (up to 50 meters or 160 feet)
  • Battery Life: 7 days per charge
  • Battery Capacity: 210 mAH
  • Watch Dimension: 42 x 33 x 12.5mm (1.65 x 1.30 x 0.5 inch)
  • Watch Weight: 3.52 ounce (55 grams)
  • Screen: 1.26 inch low-power LCD with integrated backlight
  • Sensors: Tri­-LED heart­ rate sensor, 9­-axis motion sensor
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Data Capacity: 4 ­month record for continuous use

One of the big selling points of the Wellograph is that it uses a sapphire crystal - That should help to keep the crystal from being scratched, and in testing for almost a month the crystal remained scratch-free despite some accidental bumps.
The user interface is controlled by two buttons on the right side of the case, which might make it difficult for left-handed people to use and wear.
The Wellograph should last for up to two weeks on a single charge, which is pretty impressive given its always-on display. I wonder if that'll actually pan ...
The OS update also introduces Wellograph Live, which allows users to compare their stats to friends and send and receive encouragement.
If you need a device that wouldn't look out of place in a boardroom, that's waterproof, and that just tracks fitness factors, then Wellograph might be for you.

The company is also introducing two new watch face colors along with the update; White Pearl and Pink Gold along with new leather bands; White Leather, Light Blue Leather, and Pink Leather. Wellograph also announced that the watch face and leather bands will be available for purchase separately.
the refreshed look, there are other things, which have been added to the capabilities of the device too. The updated software brings new features like “body readiness testing” and sleep tracking with auto-detecting sleep patterns and REM cycles. The update is also be introducing Wellograph Live, in which users can compete with each other in real time along with some other improvements to the existing features.
For those Windows Phone users who have been looking for a watch activity tracker, the Wellograph watch is definitely one to look at as it supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
The new Wellograph OS and mobile app will be available for download later this month. The White Pearl sapphire crystal watch face is now available for purchase with  the Pink Gold watch face coming in Q2 of 2015. The watch and strap bundles will start at $329


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